Julia Huprich is the Vice President of Learning Initiatives at Intellum, an innovative technology company revolutionizing e-learning for companies like Google, Facebook, and Pinterest; she spends her days working to identify learning activities to enhance clients’ existing training programs. A former librarian, she previously worked as the Director of Training and Continuing Education for the Georgia Public Library Service, where she provided e-learning and in-person training for Georgia’s 4,000+ public library staff. She has been involved in training and development for over 10 years.

 Julia is also a student at Georgia State University, where she’s earning her PhD in instructional technology; her research focuses on e-learning, technology acceptance, and open educational resources. She also has a master’s degree in Information Technology and a master’s degree in Library & Information Science.

When she’s not working or studying, Julia also volunteers with the Matthew E. Russell Foundation, a literacy non-profit working to establish libraries in rural schools in South Africa.


Vice President of Learning Initiatives



Director of Curation Strategy



At Intellum, we believe that organizations can leverage high-quality learning assets from around the web to enhance their existing training programs. The Content Curation team works closely with our clients to develop a tailored project plan to rapidly close any content gaps, using the most timely, relevant and valid information available online.

Director of Continuing Education


Georgia Public Library Service

Oversaw the development, implementation, evaluation and maintenance of a comprehensive external continuing education program for Georgia's libraries using a variety of delivery methods. Developed a new LMS to replace underutilized system and delivered hundreds of new courses to public library staff across the state.

Digital Services Librarian & Communication Manager


Cobb County Public Library System

Conducted training needs assessment and analysis; developed a multi-year training plan to address documented organizational development needs with a variety of learning opportunities, targeted programs, and customized incentives. Led several enterprise-level device deployments to enhance library services, including the development of goals, objectives, processes, procedures, training methods, and curricula.



Cobb County Public Library System

Provided reference, detailed research, and reader's advisory assistance. Provided one-on-one training in the use of the library, the library catalog, reference materials, computer databases, and the Internet.


Educators’ perceptions of a maker-based learning experience

Jonathan D. Cohen, Julia Huprich, W. Monty Jones, Shaunna Smith. 2017. International Journal of Information and Learning Technology, Vol. 34 Issue: 5, pp.428-438. This qualitative study utilized participants’ weekly and end-of-semester written reflections to illustrate the participants’ perceptions of a semester-long university course focused on the role of maker principles and technologies in a variety of educational contexts.

Perceived Effectiveness of E-Learning for Technology Instruction in Public Library Staff Development Programs: A Survey Based on the Technology Acceptance Model

Thesis, 2016. The purpose of this research study was to determine the perceived effectiveness of e-learning for staff members in public libraries.

Web Accessibility and Accessibility Instruction

Green, Ravonne A.; Huprich, Julia. Journal of Access Services, v6 n1-2 p116-136 2009. This article examines previous studies about the Web accessibility of SLIS Web sites and university library Web sites supporting SLIS and builds on these studies by providing current data about SLIS opportunities for learning about accessible products and services for individuals with disabilities.

How Accessible Are Public Libraries' Web Sites? A Study of Georgia Public Libraries

Emma Ingle, Ravonne A. Green & Julia Huprich. 2009. Journal of Access Services, 6:1-2, 101-115. This article reports a study of Web site accessibility of public libraries in Georgia. The focus of the report is whether public libraries use accessible guidelines and standards in making their Web sites accessible. 

A Brief Introduction to Performance Management

Library Worklife, 2008. Performance management, unlike traditional annual evaluation, provides employees with feedback throughout the year. The system allows constant re-evaluation of goals, progress and performance. This process requires more interaction between the supervisor and supervisee and encourages the professional development of the employee to meet the organization’s changing needs.

Burnout in Academic Libraries

Huprich, J. 2007. Library Worklife, 4(10). Research has shown that administrators can implement programs to intervene in the burnout process and inspire their employees to reach their full potential and their utmost productivity level. An effective professional development program that focuses on successful orientation, participatory management and continued education can be very effective in preventing burnout.  

Assessing the Library Homepages of COPLAC Institutions for Section 508 Accessibility Errors: Who's Accessible, Who's Not, and How the Online WebXACT Assessment Tool Can Help. 

Huprich, J., & Green, R. 2007. Journal of Access Services, 4(1-2), 59-73. The main aim of the study is to demonstrate the need to check library websites using the free WebXACT tool. This tool offers suggestions for accessibility that should serve to decrease the number of pages that are inaccessible to patrons.

Featured Article

Reaching Higher

This 2016 article focuses on Julia’s development of a new learning management system for the public libraries in Georgia, which saved the state $40,000.


Training Librarians in Africa

Trained library staff at rural schools in South Africa, in conjunction with the Matthew E. Russell Foundation.

Inventing to Learn

Co-taught LT 3737/7777: Inventing to Learn at Georgia State University. Students in the course gained hands-on experience with advanced manufacturing technologies, including 3D printers, laser cutters, and microcontrollers, and engaged in a series of projects designed to increase both technological knowledge as well as pedagogical knowledge.

Promoting Girls in Tech

Founded GEMS: Girls in Engineering, Math, and Science at the Cobb County Public Library System. This program was designed to provide young women with the opportunity to learn about tech resources, STEM careers, and programming concepts. The final GEMS report from the first year's program can be found online.

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